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G2G’s mission is to transform cities for the kingdom of God by empowering leaders in fulfillment of life purpose in family, church and community

G2G’s programs are comprised of the following:

Learning By Xample Institute (youth leadership development)

G2G School of Ministry & Entrepreneurship (five-fold ministry leadership & business development)

Prayer & Counseling (spiritual development)

Learning by Xample Institute

G2G through one of its signature programs, Learning By Xample Institute (LBXi), trains at-risk, low-income, disadvantaged youth living within the Kansas City urban core.  LBXi’s goals are to educate, encourage and empower young people in urban neighborhoods & schools to answer the call to leadership in our local, national and global communities.

LBXi Overview

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LBXi CareerLabs

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Glory2Glory’s Learning By Xample Institute utilizes effective cutting-edge methodologies to accomplish the following outcomes:

  • Increase self-awareness and self-esteem of at-risk youth;
  • Connect disadvantaged youth & adults to sustainable jobs, careers & business;
  • Promote positive social norms and behaviors, including the elimination
    of drugs and alcohol abuse, school drop-out rate and gang participation;
  • Increase the number of “world-class” leaders by raising up youth from the Greater Kansas City area for leadership in local, regional, national and global communities.